Very short notes on the Endocrine system of human body


The internal environment of the body is controlled partly by the autonomic nervous system and partly by the endocrine glands. These glands are commonly referred as the ductless glands or glands of internal secretion, because the secretions which they produce do not leave the gland through a duct or a canal, but pass directly from the cells into the blood stream.


The endocrine glands consist of the following glands:


1. Pituitary gland

2. Thyroid gland

3. 4 parathyroid glands

4. 2 Adrenal or Suprarenal glands.


5. The islets of langerhans in the pancreas

6. 1 Pineal gland or body.

7. 2 Ovaries in the female and 2 testis in the male called as gonads (sex glands).

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