Useful notes on the Conduct of Business inside two Houses of Parliament (India)


There is hardly anything special to be pointed out in this context which is different from that of the two Houses of Parliament. Most of the articles in this part of the Constitution are a reproduction, almost verbatim of those which deal with corresponding provisions regarding the two Houses of Parliament.

Ambedkar acknowledged this in the Constituent Assembly and pointed out that it was one of the reasons why there were very few amendments to the various articles in that part of the Constitution.

In view of the detailed discussion on parliamentary procedure given in an earlier chapter, it is not considered necessary to go into any details regarding the procedure in the State Legislatures. A brief resume of the same is given below:


The State Legislature must meet at least twice a year and the interval between any two sessions should not be more than six months. Usually, a new session begins with an opening address by the Governor which outlines the policy of the State Government.

The address is then subjected to a debate and finally voted upon in the form of a resolution expressing thanks to the Governor. It is during this debate that Opposition parties get the best opportunity to criticize in general the policies and programme of the Government.

Every Bill, except Money Bills, may be introduced in either House of the Legislature. The Bill is finally passed with its third reading. Then it goes to the Governor for his assent. But the Governor may send it back for reconsideration.

When it is passed again by the legislature, the Governor cannot withhold his assent. But he may reserve it for the consideration of the President, who may ask the Governor to place it before the legislature for reconsideration.


When it is passed again, with or without amendment, it goes to the President for his consideration. The President is not bound to give his assent even though the Bill has been reconsidered and passed for a second time by the State Legislature.

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