Useful notes on Southern Montane Forests of India


This vegetation grows in the higher parts of the hills. The trees are low in height due to low temperature. The slopes are covered with rich grasses. Presendy eucalyptus trees have been grown.

The original forests have been cut for converting the area into cropland. This has distorted the ecological balance. There are many mountainous areas where trees are almost absent. Mosses and ferns are common.

Laurels,pine, sholas, magnolias, elins, rhododendrones, etc.grow in abundance. Exotic trees like cinchona, eucalyptus, bamboo, flourish in large areas. Coastal areas have coconuts (cocos nucifera).


In south India this vegetation is found in Nilgiri, Anaimalai, Palni and other hills. Towards the north Panchmari (M.P) and Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), Satpura, Maikal, Mount Abu (Rajasthan) areas have this type of vegetation.

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