Useful notes on Dry Tropical Forests


The temperature varies from 23° to 27°C and such forests are in regions where temperature ranges from 23° to 27°C, rainfall is between 50-100 cm and relative humidity is 50-60%.

These are forests of deciduous variety of trees which are low in height: 6-10 metres, have long roots, thick leaves and stems capable of preventing moisture evaporation.

These are small and stunted form of tropical humid leaf shedding forests. The forests are not dense. Trees have a lot of space in between them.


They present scenery of parkland. Grass is there but it is inimical to trees. Wherever moisture is available, wet deciduous trees grow and in between those thorny plants crop up. In ancient times, there were good forests but men destroyed them mercilessly and converted the land into desert.

The grazing by the animals has also done a great harm. Rats destroy their roots, goats destroy the leaves and camels eat away the upper leaves.

Wherever the rain is below 60 cm, coarse grass, palms, acacia, euphorbia, babool (acacia arabica), nagphani (cacti), kikar, etc. grow.

Wherever the rainfall is above 60 cm sagwan, neem, amaltas, teak, etc. trees thrive.


The Ganga plain and the areas in the peninsular plateau have this type of vegetation with lot of space between the trees. Eastern Rajasthan, south-west Punjab, western Haryana, southern U.P etc. are well known for this type of vegetation.

Nowadays such vegetation islands are found even in the drier parts of south, i.e., Karnataka, south-west A.P. and Kathiawar region of Gujarat.

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