Short notes on Tropical Grassland


Natural Environment and Human Response in Tropical Grassland.

(a) Location The tropical grassland (Savanna) or Sudan type of climate ex-tends between 10° to 25° north and south of the equator m the interior of the continents in the trade wind belt,

(b) Area (i) Orinoco basin, Venezuela. Guiana and the Brazilian highlands in South America. The, are known as llanos and Campos.


(ii) Nigeria. Mali, Sudan, Kenya, Zambia. Rhodesia and Tanzania in Africa,

(iii) Northern Australia.

(c) Natural environment (Physical environment):

(i) Climate higher range of temperature than the equatorial region. Summers are hot and rainy, winters and warm and dray. Rainfall varies from 20 to 100cm.


(ii) Vegetation Tall (3 m) coarse, spiky grass. It is neither juicy nor nutritive, with scattered deciduous trees.

(iii) Animals Large varieties of herbivores (deer, giraffe, zebra, etc.) and carnivores (lion, leopards and tigers) are found.

(iv) Soil is not very fertile.

(d) Human response or mode of life of the people


(i) Cattle rearing by primitive tribes, such as. Masai of East Africa and Hausa of Nigeria. They do nomadic herding.

(ii) Cattle rearing on commercial scale in Queenland (Australia).

(iii) Plantation agriculture of coffee and cocoa is carried on in Brazil and Ghana respectively.

(iv) Subsistence farming is practiced by some tribes.

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