Short notes on the revolutionary activities in Madras Presidency during the early phase of the revolutionary movement


In Madras, Tirunelvelli was the centre of revolutionary activities. Being deeply influenced by the fiery speech of Bipin Chandra Pal, Chidambaram Pillai turned a revolutionary.

With the help of Subrahmaniya Shiv, Pillai set up a revolutionary organization in Madras in 1908.

Both Shiv and Pillai from the very beginning took initiative to develop contacts with the working class and infuse them with anti-British feeling.


The revolutionaries of Madras took revenge of the mass firing by the murder of Ashe under whose order the firing was opened (1911).

In South India a very small group of Tamilian revolutionaries included the renowned poet, Subramaniya Bharati. Later on, he became a disciple of Savarkar.

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