Short Notes on the Revolt of Kondavidu


The people of Kondavidu in Telingana rose in revolt in 1475 and were helped by Purushottama of Orissa. Nizam-ul-Mulk had to retreat to Wazirabad. Sultan marched in person in 1478, defeated Purushottama and pursued him till he laid down arms. The Sultan now assumed the title of ghazi.

But the people of Kondavidu again rose in revolt and were now helped by the Saluva Narasimha, virtual ruler of Vijayanagar.

They fought bravely but had to yield before a superior army. The Sultan marched against Narasimha who had to lay down arms and sent costly presents.


The Sultan proceeded further and captured the stronghold of Kanchi which was the southernmost point reached by the Bahmani rulers.

The Bahmani sultanate had reached the zenith of her power in 1481. Its decline and disintegration was sudden and rapid.

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