Taliban, a militant force of Islamic student, backed and equipped by Pakistan changed the political scenario recently in Afghanistan. It has pledged to throw out the leadership and convert Afghanistan into an Islamic state. They even succeeded, by using force according to the nature of their group, to capture seven-provinces in Afghanistan.

They were convinced to enter into an agreement with Afghan leadership, by the U.N. special envoy Mohamood Mestri. They were agreed to form a multi-party governing council. But later on, President Mr. Rabbani refused to step down as he asked to include the Taliban, as a party to the governing council.

Yet, U.N. continued to pledge seace and limited cease-fire. But Taliban rejected. In May 1996, President Rabbani and former PM Hekmatyar signed an agreement to establish peace. They constituted an interim government in which Rabbani was the President and ‘ Hekmatyar was the PM.

They declared an election and according to the result of the elections. In June, 1996 Hekmatyar was sworn in the PM and Rabbani as the President. But the election was rejected by Taliban and in September 1996, the Taliban forces captured Kabul, deposing the elected government.