Short notes on the development of languages in the field of education


The development of languages may be sub-divided into three parts-(1) Development of Hindi national language, (2) Development of Indian languages, and (3) Development of English.

The Central Ministry of Education runs the following programmes for the development of Hindi-

1. Development of coining new Hindi words and terms.


2. To produce Hindi dictionaries and encyclopedias.

3. To prepare Hindi Tapes, Linguaphone, records and language lessons.

4. To publish popular books in Hindi

For the propagation of Hindi the following programmes are run-


1. To give financial assistance to non-Hindi States for training Hindi teachers in order to appoint them for teaching Hindi

2. To encourage learning of Hindi through correspondence

3. To give grants to those voluntary organizations in non-Hindi States which run Hindi Classes?

4. To reward Hindi writers whose mother-tongue is not Hindi?


5. To propagate Hindi abroad

The Central Government has established a Kendriya Hindi Sansthan atAgra which makes researches in new Hindi teaching methods, constructs Hindi teaching materials, publishes Hindi books, and conducts educational researches and awards degrees, to trainees.

For development of the other Indian languages the Central Government gives grants to those voluntary organizations which try to publish standard works in Indian languages by way of producing encyclopedias, dictionaries of technical terms and spreading useful information’s through Indian languages pertaining to development in sciences.

The Government purchases the published books and organises literary conferences and exhibitions. The Central Government gives grants to the various States for producing books in Indian languages of the university standard. The Central Government has established the Tarakki-a-Urdu Board for development of Urdu. Programmes are also in process for development of Sindhi language.


For the development of other Indian languages, a Central Institute of Indian language has been established. This institute makes researches in methods of teaching Indian languages, constructing teaching materials and training of teachers.

Central Government has opened at Hyderabad the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages judges. This institute prepares curriculum for teaching English and other foreign languages, material for teaching, publishes books and conducts researches in various foreign languages. In the North- Western region an institution was established at Shillong. In 1973 this institution has now been given university status.

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