Short Notes on Pressure and Winds of monsoon season


Being a transition season between winter and south-west monsoon (rainy) seasons it is character­ised by unstable pressure and wind circulation. With the northward movement of the sun the low pressure area also moves from south-east to north-west, finally settles over north-western India in the end May or early part of June.

The pressure gene” increases towards south in the neighbouring sea. General direction of winds is from north-west west in north-western India, from south-west Rajasthan and north-western Gujarat, from no east in north-eastern India, and from north-west the Arabian Sea and adjoining coasts. The torn like dust storms of Punjab and Haryana, the Look Uttar Pradesh, the nonwestern (Kalbaisakhis) of” Bengal and cyclonic depressions of the eastern c make the weather stormy and turbulent.

Humidity and Rainfall-during summer son the air is very dry over most of the central of the country where the mean relative humidity about 30 per cent or less. In north-western part the country it sometimes reaches as low as 5 cent. The total rainfall of the season is less than cm in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra; between 5 and 15 cm in the mountain region of U.P., Bihar, Orissa and Up between 15 and 25 cm in Malabar and over 50 Assam. The rains caused by thunderstorm Karnataka are called ‘cherry blossoms’ where are beneficial for coffee plantation and elsewhere south India as ‘mango showers’.


Hot and dry summer season accompany with dry and dusty westerly wind called Look in north western parts of the country during May June desiccate plants, dry up surface moisture, to sunstrokes and dehydration and make the out life difficult during day time. Rivers become for and cultivation is limited to irrigated areas. But is not so different in coastal areas, southern P sulfa and north-eastern India where heat is n oppressive.

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