The Brahmo Samaj found its echo in Maharashtra. Following Rammohan’s ideas, the Paramhansa Sabha was founded in 1849. It aimed at eradicating social evils on the same footing what the Brahmo Samaj was doing. Prarthana Samaj was established in 1867.

Not only followers of different sects congregated and prayed one God, the Creator but also they sincerely wanted social reforms. Their doctrine was to work for mankind and they believed in ‘service’ not in ‘prayer’.

Like the members of the Brahmo Samaj, the followers of Prarthana Samaj aimed at social reforms. They condemned caste system and preached equality of man. For the upliftment of women, they wanted to impart higher education to women; further, they emphasized on the principle of increasing the age of marriage for both males and females. They also advocated widow remarriage. R. G. Bhandarkar, Mahadev Govinda Ranade and N. G. Chandravarkar were prominent leaders of the Prarthana Samaj.