Short notes on potential wind energy in India


Wind energy is basically harnessing of wind power to produce electricity. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted to electrical energy. Since air flow from warmer to cooler regions, this causes what we call winds and it is these airflows that are harnessed in windmills and wind turbines to produce power.

Wind power is not a new development as this power in the form of traditional windmills-for grinding corn, pumping water; sailing ships have been used for centuries. The basic wind energy conversion device is the wind turbine. These turbines are generally of two types-vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis turbines depending upon the rotation of axis.

Wind electric generators (WEG) convert kinetic energy available in wind to electrical energy by using rotor, gearbox and generator.


India has been rated as one of the most promising countries for wind power development with an estimated potential of 20,000 MW. India ranks fifth in the world in wind power generation. There are 208 wind potential stations in India.

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