Short notes on objections made my customers for rejecting sales


Opposition or resistance to the appeal of salesman is branded as sales objection. A rejection is a concern or a question raised by the buyer. Sales people should do everything they can to encourage buyers to voice concerns or questions. The worst type of objection is the one fact the buyer refuses to disclose, because a hidden objection cannot be dealt with. An objection is the expression of disapproval of an action taken by the salesman. It is an adverse reason or in argument. Sales resistance is the set of barriers created may be real or fabricated coming in way of smooth meeting of both salesman’s and prospect’s mind.

Objections are those hurdles that arise at any moment of communication between the prospects interested in the salesman’s product who is definitely interested in raising objection because he wants to know as to what the salesman has in stock to offer him in reply to his so-called objections. In absence of sales resistance, a salesman is merely an order-booking clerk. Since the sales resistance is normal and expected, it is inseparable part of selling process. Sales objections should be welcomed with open mind and gracefully because they indicate the prospects interest and help in determining the exact stage the prospect has reached in the buying process made of Attention – Interest – Desire – Conviction or his readiness to Action for close.


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