The nobles of Khandesh placed Miran Mubarak, younger brother of the late Sultan Muhammad, on the throne in preference to his young son Ahmad. But the amirs of Gujarat did not accept him as their king and asked for Ahmad who was ultimately released and sent to Gujarat where he was enthroned

A little later the Faruqi ruler led an expedition against Gujarat but was defeated. It was during Mubarak Shah’s reign that Mughals came into direct conflict with Khandesh. The Mughal Emperor,. Akbar, was anxious to extend his dominions in the south and Malwa was his first target.

Baz Bahadur of Malwa was unable to resist the Mughal forces and fled to Khandesh. The combined armies of Tufal Khan of Berar, Baz Bahadur and Mubarak Shah defeated the Mughal armies.

A few years later (1564), Mubarak tried to make up with Mughal Emperor Akbar by sending him costly presents when the latter was camping at Madhu. He even married his daughter to the Mughal king and gave Bijayagarh and Handia in dowry. Mubarak died on 19 December, 1566 and was succeeded by his son Muhammad.