Short notes on Khusrau’s Expedition to Mabar


But soon the information reached the sultan that Malik Yak Lakhi, a Hindu born slave officer of Ala-ud-din, whom he had appointed governor of Devagiri had unfurled the banner of revolt and declared he to be the king. He took the title of Shams-ud-din and struck his own coins.

The sultan ordered Khusrau to proceed at once to Deccan, capture the rebel and then proceed to Mabar and take possession of this kingdom which had evaded conquest so far. Yak Lakhi had given himself to the pursuit of pleasures and was completely unprepared to give a fight to the Imperial forces.

His nobles hated him and were secretly conspiring with Khusrau Khan and openly joined him. They captured him and handed him over to Khusrau Khan who sent him to Delhi. The sultan spared his life but cut off his nose and ears. Khusrau now marched towards Mabar. He attacked and plundered Masulipatam.


He did not spare the rich Muslim merchant Siraj-ud-din Taqi who was deprived of all his riches. Khusrau continued his march and arrived at Mabar where he was detained due to heavy rains. He had now a large army and huge wealth which turned his head and he thought of establishing an independent kingdom.

However, some of the loyal nobles informed the king about his designs who ordered that Khusrau should at once be set to Delhi. He was, however, received very warmly by the sultan who was overjoyed to receive such a large booty and one hundred elephants. Khusrau took advantage of the occasion and complained about the jealousy of the nobles, all of whom had to suffer imprisonments and insults at the hands of the ungrateful sovereign.

The sultan had, however, to pay the penalty soon for his cruelty towards his grateful nobles and fell a prey to the machinations of Khusrau who had him beheaded and himself ascended the throne in A.D. 1320. He, too, was not destined to rule long and was killed by Ghazi Tughluq, warden of the marches at Dipapur, on September 6, 1320, after he had been defeated in a fierce battle near Hauz-i-Alai in Delhi.

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