Short notes on Form Control


In modern business, forms are the basic tools of all types of office work. The forms are linked with efficiency in office work because they save time by eliminating the need of writing and standard information every time.

But very often too much stress is placed on the use of forms for every type of work and far too many kinds of forms are used than are necessary.

In the words of Littlefield, “Forms control is a means of exercising management control over the costs of producing and processing forms.” In the words of J.C. Denyer, “Forms are important in any organisation, therefore, there should be proper management control of them to ensure that they are efficient and economical in design as well as in use.”


In a concern, there may be many forms in use. Therefore all specimens of the form must be held centrally at one place. Forms are the basic tools for an office work, office systems and procedures. If there are many forms, the importance and advantages are lost. Therefore, it has become essential to have control over the forms in order to have effectiveness in use.

There may be a committee or a form supervisor, who has specialized knowledge in forms. He is vested with the authority of design, printing, issue, etc. He keeps a Form Book or Form Register.

A copy of each form is pasted in the Form Book. Whenever any change or alteration, is suggested, it will be noted in the copy of the form in the Form Book. When a revised form arrives, it will be placed or tipped in over the old form.

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