Short notes on Energy Conservation in Hotels


The energy is of critical importance for moving the wheels of a hotel.

We use coal, petroleum, fuels, gas, electricity etc. in hotels.

The energy bill is increasing every month. There are also chances that we may not get sufficient energy in future.


The proper consumption of energy is necessary in hotels.

Tuning of combustion, proper maintenance, optimum use of capacity etc, has proved that energy up to 25% can be saved. There is need to evolve housekeeping standards and propagate the message of energy conservation to every user. Tax incentives for energy savings are essential.

The need for rectifying the defects in the pumping system such as high resistance foot valve, pipe line configuration, matching of pump & prime mover etc. should be considered.

Financing energy conservation investment is desirable at cheaper interest rate. These funds should be available not only for the marginal investment on equipment but also for the supporting training and educational activities.

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