Short notes on C.T.B.T


CTBT or Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was prepared by a committee of the conference on Disarmament (1994) and adopted by UN General Assembly (1996) despite opposition from India, Bhutan and Libya.

Article 1 of the treaty prohibits states from nuclear weapons tests explosion or any other nuclear explosion at any place under its jurisdiction or control. India opposes it on the ground that it is discriminatory and merely an extension of the discriminatory NPT system. There are substantial grounds because of which India opposes CTBT.

i. Does not have any provision for time bound nuclear disarmament.


ii. Does not prohibit sub-critical testing’s and computer simulation methods for refinement and modification of nuclear armaments.

iii. More inclined to maintain the status-quo rather than having any commitment to complete disarmament.

iv. It is intended to perpetuate monopolistic hold of big powers on nuclear weapons and their delivery system.

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