Short notes on anatomy (Internal Structure)


(a) Stem – The T.S. of stem reveals that the epidermis forms the outermost layer consisting of a single layer of small, thin walled cells.

It contains chloroplasts in young stem, which changes to brown and thick- walled cells lacking chloroplast in older stem.

The epidermis is followed by a multilayered cortex consisting of parenchymatous cells containing chloroplast. Medulla forms the central core of the stem and consists of slightly thick walled, compact, hyaline cells and often lack protoplasm.


(b) Leaf – Anatomically the leaf is with one celled thick lamina consisting of parenchymatous cells containing chloroplast, except at the midrib region. The mid-rib region consist of 4 – 5 layers of cells, which are thin walled but at the centre there occurs few thick walled cells which function as conducting strands. Leaves are devoid of stomata and vascular bundles.

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