a. Aligarh Movement:

Aligarh Movement was initiated by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The movement, in fact, centered round the College which he founded at Aligarh.

b. Impact on Education and Society:

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was an important reformer among the Muslims of India. He was in favour of modern scientific education for the uplift of the Muslims.


He realized that religious education alone would not help the Muslims to elevate themselves. His message to the Muslims was to develop a critical approach and freedom of thought.

And this was possible only through Western education. That is the reason why he urged upon the Muslims to adopt Western learning.

Thus promotion of modern education among the Muslims of India remained his first task throughout his life. Syed Ahmed Khan was also a social reformer.

He made valuable contribution to uplift the Muslim community of India. He warned his people against fanaticism, narrow-mindedness and urged them to be broadminded and tolerant.


c. Role in Politics:

Though started as a reform movement the Aligarh Movement ultimately encouraged separatist politics.

It advised the Muslim community of India to stand away from the nationalistic movements that had been started by the Indian National Congress in 1885.

The products of the Aligarh Movement by encouraging Muslim separatism weakened the Indian National movement and created a divide between the Hindus and Muslims.


Even some of the Muslim graduates of the Aligarh College organized the Muslim League to voice the aspirations of only the Muslim community of India.

Thus in final analysis the Aligarh movement’s role in politics was a negative one and helped the growth of communalism in India.