Write a short note on the Gandhian Era (1919-1934) ?


After World War I, public opinion in England was in favor of India. At this time, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (later called Mahatma Gandhi) returned to India after a stay of about 20 years in South Africa. Gandhiji had started a Satyagraha against the unjust policies of the British government in South Africa. He had achieved considerable success in his campaign in South Africa. He had used the weapon of non-violent resistance, called Satyagraha.

On his return to India, Gandhiji went to every part of India to understand the problems and the condition of the people. He was shocked to see the poverty of the people and the cruelty of the British Government. He decided to take an active part in the freedom movement.

During the days of World War I, the British rulers made laws which took away every bit of freedom of the people. These laws were unjust and cruel The government could send anybody to jail even without a trial in the court. These were called Black Laws. Meetings were held throughout the country to protest against these black laws.

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