Short note on Bioinformatics


Bio-informatics incorporates the development of databases to store and search data and the statistical tools and algorithms to analyses the determine relationships between biological data sets, such as macromolecular sequences, structures, expression profiles and bio-chemical pathways.

It is mainly used for map gnomes and to identify genes, to determine protein structure and simulate protein interactions, to discover new therapeutic targets and design medicines aimed at the targets and to assess the effects of virtual mutations on gene function.

Computers are required in bio-informatics for their processing speed and for their problem solving power. It requires expert human input and the integrity and quality of the source data are also critical because bio-informatics technology uses computational tools provided by the information technology revolution, such as statistical software, graphics, simulation and database management to organize and analyse information about biological systems, which for biotechnology, it information about cells and biological molecules. Using another product of the information revolution, the Internet Scientists broadcast this information around the world.


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