There are three important types of Food chain:

1. Prey-Predator Food Chain (Grazing food chain)

This type of food chain starts from the living green plants (producers), and the grazing herbivores feed on the producers. The grazing forms later form the prey for predators.



(i) Food chain in a forest community:

Radiant energy of the sun ->Green plants ->Ungulates -> Tigers (Autotrophs)

(ii) Food chain in a grassland ecosystem:

Radiant energy of the sun -Grasses Grasshopper Frog Snake -> Hawk


2. Saprophytic Food Chain (Detritus Food Chain)

This type of food chain goes from dead organic matter into microorganisms and then .to organisms feeding on detritus and their predators. Such ecosystems are thus less dependent on direct solar energy. These depend chiefly on the influx of organic matter produced in another system.

Food Chain in Mangrove

Radiant energy of the sun g Mangrove leaves g Detritus g Microorganisms g Crabs and Shrimps g Small Fishes g Large Fishes


Parasitic Food Chain

This food chain in which parasites live on or inside the body of the host derives benefit from the host the parasite gets nutritional benefit and the host is harmed.

Example: Radiant energy of the sun -> Green Plants -> Sheep -> Liver fluke