Basing on the nature of residence family may be divided into following types:-

i) Patrilocal Family:

In this type of family, after marriage the wife goes and lives in the family of her husband, As such, the family of this kind is based on partilocal residence. This family is also known as Virilocal family.

ii) Matrilocal Family:


Matrilocal family is just opposite of the patrilocal family. In this family, after marriage the husband goes and lives in the house of his wife. Hence, he occupies a secondary position. This type of family is also known as Uxorilocal Family.

iii) Neo-local Family:

When the married couple after marriage reside in a new place and establish family independent of their parents or of their relatives they said family is known as neo-local family.

iv) Bilocal Family:


In some societies after marriage the married couples change their residence, i.e. sometimes the wife joins her husband at his residence and vice versa. This type of family is known as family by changing residence.

v) Avuncu local family:

When the couple goes to live in maternal uncle’s house after marriage they said family is known as Avuncu-local family.