It is a contagious disease that appears in epidemic form. The causative organism is a filterable virus. Usually it occurs during the month of October and November. The incubation period is about 14 days to 21 days.


There may be slight fever for one day maximum before the rash is visible. The rash is abundant on the trunk and appears first on the chest without systematic disturbance. The rash comes out in crops of two or three vesicles (blisters) at different times. So that some rash may still be quite clear and translucent whereas other have turned turbid as pus is formed inside.

Mode of spread


This disease spreads both by direct and indirect contact through fomites, air and droplets.


Symptomatic treatment is given.



Isolation from the patients suffering from chickenpox especially at the time of scaling is important; children should be kept away from the patient. Complete clean line and hygiene should be maintained. Doctor should be consulted for proper care.