Notes on the revenue administration system under Akbar


Land-revenue constituted the primary source of income of the government. Akbar introduced fresh reforms in the land-revenue system. In this Akbar was assisted by Todarmal who was appointed Diwan-i-A shraf or the revenue minister.

Akbar’s land-revenue reforms rested on the new system introduced by Todarmal which became popular by the name of Todarmal’s bandobast. The three main features of the bandobast or system were: (a) Survey and measurement of land, (b) Classification of land on the basis of its productivity and (c) The assessment of land-revenue.

Of the land- revenue systems of Akbar’s time the most popular was the zabti system prevalent in most parts of the northern India. The other systems of land-revenue assessment were ghalla-bakshi, also known as balai, and nasaq. Along with reforms in the system of assessment particular attention was given to the collection of land-revenue.

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