Notes on the Objective and types of Hybridisation



(1) To evolve a variety having all the desirable eharaetcrs viz.high Yielding; high resistance to disease, drought or water-logging; higher food value, better taste etc.

(2) To produce useful variations by introducing recombinations of characters.


(3) To produce and utilize hibrid vigour i.e. “the superiority of the hybrid over its parents.”


Depending on the nature of plants involved in the cross there may be different, types viz.

(a) Intcr-varictal: Cross between two varieties of a crop.


(b) Intra-varictal: Cross between different genotypes of the same variety.

(c) Intra-gencric: Cross between two species of a genus.

(d) Inter – generic : Cross between two different genera.

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