Notes on the Merging of Weak Banks with LIC or GIC


Several banks are unable to maintain their profitability on account of non-performing assets and non- circulation of investible funds. They should merge with LIC or GIC who should be starting banking business, too for their development to achieve leadership. Competence in view of becoming tough competition from outside country.

Once banks have merged with LIC or GIC, they would perform better under their guidance that would need basis infrastructure for expansion of insurance banks. The banks would be performance a fresh. The employees would get a change of revival. They would get proper training and motivation.

The productivity and performance would boost their morale. Highly motivated employees would share more responsibility of insurance and banks. The educated people would get opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities.


Indian economy would get sufficient funds from insurance and banking institutions. Resource mobilisation would help development of people’s health, economic conditions and entrepreneurship. India will emerge a powerful Nation.

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