Notes on the different Types of Rights in relation to Business Law


Different types of rights:

Rights may be (i) Personal or proprietary; (ii) in personam or in rem.

Personal rights:


These are rights which pertain to the realm of status which indicates the position of person in the eye of law in the society. Guardianship and matrimonial rights fall in this category.

Proprietary right:

There are rights which are both heritable and transferable. The ownership of a house is a proprietary right.

Rights in personam and in rem:


These are rights may further be subdivided in to: (i) Those which are available against specified individuals only; (ii) Those which are available against the whole world. If the rights are limited in the sense of being available against specified individuals only, then they are known as rights in personam. The rights in personam pertain to the sphere of contractual obligations only. If the rights available are against the whole world, then they are known as rights in rem.

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