Notes on the Categories of Students based on their Intelligence Level


The different categories of students based on their intelligence level are as under:

(a) Gifted:

These students who possess IQs of 130 or above called gifted students. They are superior in intelligence and have high ability to reason.


Such students can perform academic activities grasping concepts perceiving, seeing, memorizing relationships, dealing with abstract ideas, generalizing, critical thinking and solving problems more effectively and quickly. Such students take initiative intellectual work and follow complex directions.

(b) Normal:

Normal groups have those children whose IQs range from 90 to 110 and they are able to profit from regular school programmes with varying degrees of effort.

(c) Disabled:


There are children with disability due to low level of intellectual functioning or specific learning deficits. They are impaired in their ability to learn and to adapt to the demands of society. Mentally retarded children are of different categories as under:

(i) Border line, (IQ ranges 90-70) and educable mentally retarded (IQ ranges 70-50) such children can perform academic activities but they are slow in learning.

They need special instructional strategies. Such children are capable of learning only certain sedimentary literacy materials and simple occupational skills. They are able to take care of their personal needs. They require special classes or schools to study in.

(iii) Severely retarded (IQ below35) – Such students are dependent on their Children with specific learning defects are called learning disabled group.


They have difficulties in one or more psychological processes, think, speak, read, write, spell or do mathematical calculations. These difficulties are identified as

1. Aphasia (difficulty in grasping spoken language)

2. Dyslexia (difficulty in reading)

3. Hyperemia (little or no comprehension)


4. Dyscalculia (difficulty in doing arithmetic)

5. Dysgraphia (difficulty in writing)

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