It is a developmental plan consisting of technically feasible and economically viable schemes which can be taken up for financing by the financial institutions. It has the follow­ing objectives.

(i) Eradication of under employment and unemployment

(ii) Increase the standard of living of the poor sections of the society

(iii) Promotion of the balanced development of the blocks in the district.


District Credit Plan is a long-range plan and is “perspective” in nature. Annual Action Plan falls within the District Credit Plan and is ‘operational’ in nature. Annual Action Plan confirms the commitments of the credit agencies for the immediate future. A regular re­view of this plan will reveal whether the District Credit Plan target is being achieved or not.

With the introduction of the ‘Service Area Approach’ the methodology for formula­tion of the Annual Credit Plans for the lead districts has undergone a basic change.

Under the new approach, Annual Credit Plans of branches (based on village credit plans) are con­solidated at the block level to form the Block Credit Plans; these are further aggregated at the district level to form the Annual Credit Plan for the district.