Notes on Autonomic movements of locomotion


(i) Ciliary movement – It is the spontaneous movement of plant body from one place to another as seen in certain algal plants like Chlamydomonas, Volvox and their zoospores. They have locomotory organelles called cilia or flagella which help in their movement. (ii) Amoeboid movement – Some slime molds (lower fungi) exhibit this type of movement.

Thier naked mass of protoplasm move by producing pseudopodia like structures. (iii) Cyclosis – It is the streaming movement of protoplasm around the vacuole observed in some plants cells. These are of two types.

(a) Rotation – Here protoplam moves around a single central vacuole in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Example – In the leaf cells of.Hydrilla, Vallisneria (b) Circulation: The protoplasm moves around different vacuoles in clock wise or anticlockwise direction within a single cell.


It may also occur clockwise manner around some vacuoles and anticlockwise around other vacuoles. Example – Staminal hair cells of Tradescantia.

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