Note on the Post Enumeration Survey (PES)


Post Enumeration Survey (P.E.S.), earlier known as Post Enumeration Check (PEC) has been a regular feature of the Census Operations in India since 1951. For the 2011 census, a PES of the House listing was also conducted.

The main objectives of the PES in 2011 were (i) to get an estimate of undercover age of census households, (ii) to get an estimate of under coverage of population and, (iii) to provide an estimate of the content error with respect to certain selected data items. Publicity

Adequate publicity was given to the conducting of the Census India, 2011, with a view to securing full support and co-operation of the general public for carrying out such a huge administrative exercise.


For the population enumeration phase of Census of India, 2011, during February, the publicity campaign was heightened to enhance awareness about this gigantic exercise of national importance, seeking co-operation of the public for its success.

Special efforts were made to sensitize the target groups, such as women, children, workers and physically disabled persons.

Mass media such as Newspapers, radio, Television, Cable Networks, Postal stationery and Postal vans, etc. were used extensively to spread census messages.

Extensive publicity campaigns were launched throughout India by posters, pamphlets, banners, hoardings, electronic boards and through fairs and exhibitions etc.

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