Notes on the Necessity of National Integration in India


National Integration is the cherished desire of peace loving people of India. The country showed its humanitarian values at the time of freedom movement adhering to non-violence-strategy to release the country from the foreign shackles. This sub­ continental country needs unity and integrity for its survival with all peculiarities of differences in its culture.

The need of national integration is felt necessary for the following reasons.

(i) Security of the nation.


(ii) Internal discipline.

(iii) Economic prosperity.

(i) Security of the nation:

Security of the land gets top- priority in a sovereign state. India has learnt the lesson from being disintegrated in the past. India may lose its hard earned freedom if its people are not united. They have to forget the difference of caste, language, religion and region for the sake of mother-land.


There is always problem to the security of India by the envious neighbouring nations and terrorism within the nation. People must be aware of these facts and act for developing “we feel”, Co-operation and brotherhood.

(ii) Internal discipline:

The internal chaos eats very vital progress and prosperity of a country. To save India from such catastrophe, people should be united and act for the sake of country. The problems like unemployment, poverty, and pollution and Population growth are some reasons of indiscipline of country. The problem can be solved through mutual exchange of views are co-operation.

(iii) Economic Prosperity:


India is a developing country. Large sections of its population are depending on agricultural production. There are around 40 percentages of people who are under the poverty line in India. Even many people are unable to earn a square meal per day.

The growing population also needs additional food, which is the extra burden on our existing resource. Increasing production, exchange of food material an application of technology in agriculture can be done through mutual co­operation and assistance.

If the people of this country will engage themselves in mutual conflict and wrangling many people would die out of starvation malnutrition and ill health. Economic condition and planning would face debacle. It is the high time to realize the problem and ensure unity and integrity to enhance agricultural production and industrial expansion.

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