Cycas is a dioecious plant i.e. the male and female cone occurs on different plants. The male cone of Cycas is probably the largest in the plant kingdom (40-80 cm). it is a compact, woody, conical or oval structure attached to the tip of the stem by a short stalk. Initially the cone is terminal but later it becomes lateral. The cone consists of central axis or cone axis which bears many microsporophylls in a compact spiral manner.

They show acropetal arrangements i.e., the youngest sporophyll is at the top and the oldest at the base of the axis. Each microsporophyll is a woody wedge-shaped structure, measuring 3-5 compounds in length and 1.5 to 2.5 cm. in width. It bears microsporangia on its lower fertile surface. The upper surface is sterile. There is a long sterile spiny appendage at the distal surface is called apophysis. The microsporangia usually occur in groups of 3-6 in numbers.