The Chief of Naval Staff heads the Navy and holds the rank of Admiral. Our Navy is organized under three Commands Western Naval Command stationed at Mumbai, the Eastern Naval Commands at Vishakhapatnam and the Southern Naval Command at Kochi. Each command is headed by a Vice Admiral.

Naval Commands have operational fleets under them i.e. Western and Eastern Fleet. These comprise of warships, submarines, aircraft, and other support ships. The Western Fleet performs this task in the Bay of Bengal. Southern Naval Command is responsible for all training activities of the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy is a well-balanced Force consisting of sophisticated aircraft carriers (INS Viraat), warships (INS Savitri and INS Delhi), advanced submarines (INS Chakra, and INS Shankul), several fast attack crafts for carrying suface-to surface missiles, fleet tankers, (INS Vibhuti, INS Vipul and INS Nashak).

Many of the warships are of indigenous design and have been constructed in the Indian shipyards. The Mazagon Dock Limited with its corporate office at Mumbai, is the premiere defence shipyard in the country. The Naval Forces are maintained and supported by modern dockyard facilities. At present Indian Navy has two major Naval bases at Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam.