How Cricket is Different From Other Team Games?


Cricket is Different From Other Team Games in any ways:

(i) Unlike other modern games like football, baseball or tennis test cricket is a long- drawn-out game lasting 5 days and can even then end in a draw. Even its shortened version of limited over’s takes double the time as compared to baseball.

(ii) Unlike other games where the size of the playing field is specified, in cricket only the size of the pitch is specified as 22 yards, the size of the ball, bat, bail and stumps is regulated, but the size and shape of the ground are not specified. The playing field can vary from round to oval to rectangular.


(iii) Unlike golf and tennis, cricket has refused to remake its tools with industrial manmade materials like plastic, fibre glass and metal.

Peculiarities of cricket are shaped by its historical beginnings as a village game is evident from:

The length of the test match lasting 5 days is shaped by the slower rhythms of pre- industrial village life. In the post industrial period, time meant money, factory work was paid by hour, day or week.

Cricket’s vagueness about the size of the playing ground is a result of its village origins. Originally cricket was played on unfenced, public property called ‘Commons’. Since the size of the country, commons varied from one village to another, the distance of the boundaries from the wicket were not specified.


Due to rural origins the important tools of the game-bat, stumps, bails are till today made of wood.

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