Here is your Short notes on Akbar’s religious policy


Akbar was a Muslim, and like a true Muslim he had respect for all religious faiths. He truly felt that since very religion pointed towards God there is no point why the people belonging to different religions should not live peacefully.

With a view to unite people on the basis of a common religion he suggested a new religious faith which comes to be called the ‘Din-i-Ilahi’. That is to say the religion of one God. Akbar propounded the Din-i-Ilahi in which he incorporated the essence of all religions.

In short, the new religion was based on common truths of all religions and rules were formulated on the rules of various religions. In describing the rules Akbar emphasized on peace and tolerance. He disapproved cruel punishments to those who were guilty of committing crimes.


Akbar also disapproved the practice of sati. Though the Din-i-Ilahi did not attract too many people yet it aimed at bringing the people of India together.

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