Brief notes on the Urban & Economic Life of Mauryans


Life of the city was intended to be well regulated. Residential accommodation was reserved for different communities and trades in the different quarters of the city. Full details about each household in the city were recorded by the officers of the city administration.

There were well-defined and strictly implemented building laws, regulations for the maintenance of sanita­tion, disposal of dead, public eating houses etc.

Economic Condition:


The political unification of India, the creation of a strong centralized govern­ment, restoration of law and order, opening up of the Western trade-routes by Alexander, measures taken by the Mauryan state for the promotion of agriculture, trade, commerce, industries and crafts gave great impetus to economic develop­ment during the period.

The increased attention paid by the Mauryan State to the laying out and the maintenance of roads and waterways led naturally to a great expansion in the industry and commerce of India. The vastness of India’s agricultural and mineral resources and the ex­traordinary skill of her craftsmen were mentioned with admiration by Megasthenes and other Greek accounts of the period.

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