Ibrahim Adil Shah’s successor Ali Adil Shah I (ascended the throne of Bijapur 1557) backed by Ramaraj and Qutb Shah claimed the forts of Kalyani and Sholapur. Hasan refused to hand over the forts. The invaders laid siege to Ahmadnagar and plundered the entire Nizam Shahi country.

On the appeal of Malika-i-Jahan, Bibi Amna, the Queen mother, Qutb Shah not only retired but also persuaded others to raise the siege on the condition that Ibrahim would cede the fort of Kondapalli to Vijayanagar.

Though Imad Shah tried to intervene on behalf of Nizam Shah but the latter agreed to the terms of the treaty viz. cede the fort of Kalyani to Bijapur, put to death Jahangir Khan who had been a constant source of trouble to the confederates and lastly to pay a visit to Ramaraj as an act of submission.

Nizam Shah fulfilled all these conditions but felt deeply humiliated. He had not only lost his territory but also his prestige. He was anxious to take a revenge. He wanted to forge new alliances. With this end in view, he married his daughter Jamal Bibi to Ibrahim Qutb Shah and laid siege to the fort of Kalyani.


Ali Adil Shah approached the Vijayanagar ruler Ramaraj who came to his rescue. The sultans of Bidar and Berar too joined. Ramaraj sent an army to the southern districts of Golkonda. Husain had to give up the siege of Kalyani and along with Ibrahim rushed to meet the enemy.

Ibrahim was defeated and fled to Golkonda. Hussain, too, met the same fate and took refuge in the fort of Junnar. The
invading forces laid siege to Ahmadnagar but the rainy season obliged Ramaraj to raise the siege. Ibrahim had to surrender many forts such as Pangal, Kovelaconda and Ganpura, etc.