Brief notes on the Judicial Administration of Bahmani Kingdom


The judicial adminstration was entrusted to qazis and sadr-i-jahan. They tried both civil and criminal cases. In important cases the views of the muftis were sought and the case referred to sadr-i-jahan for his decision.

In case the latter did not agree with the judgement of the lower court, he forwarded the case to the king with his recommendations.

Firuz Shah Bahmani set up a daftar-i-shahi under vakil-us-sultanat. Every important case had to be referred to this department by sadr-i-jahan.


Vakil-us-sultanat, in his turn, brought these cases to the notice of the king. Amanna and thanadars tried criminal cases of both Hindus and Muslims in villages and talukas and forwarded them to the qazis. The shariah was followed in all such cases.

The king was of course the final court of justice but he heard only a few cases in sadr- i-adalat.

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