The world Heuristic is derived from Heurism, a Greek word, which means ‘to find out’ or ‘to discover. According to Prof. Armstrong: “Heuristic Methods of teaching are methods which involve our placing students as far as possible in the attitude of the discoverer-methods which involve their finding out instead of being merely told about things.”

The Heuristic Method aims at teaching “how knowledge of facts may be obtained, of how they can be systematised and of how they may be used.” The method aims at making the pupils observant, exact and individual thinkers. Under this method growth comes as an essential by-product of a fact finding approach and experimental attitude.

The method gives freedom to the learners to read, to discuss, to listen, to question, to accept the truth only when convinced. It has been well-said that the objective of the Heuristic Method is “to make pupils more exact, more truthful, observant, thoughtful and dexterous.