Brief notes on the Capture of Berar by Murtaza Nizam Shah


Murtaza Nizam Shah now tried his luck elsewhere. He asked Tufal Khan who had occupied Berar to release Burhan Imad Shah and restore the throne to him. On his refusal, he marched towards Berar, occupied Pathri and adjoining areas on the way and sent an advance party to fight Tufal.

The latter fled away and sought shelter in Narnala and Gawilgarh. The Nizam Shahi forces occupied both these forts and took Tufal and his family captives. Berar was annexed to Nizam Shahi kingdom.

The prestige of Murtaza and his minister Changiz Khan rose very high but it created internal as well as external complications. Miran Muhammad Shah Faruqi II, ruler of Khandesh, sent an army to Berar to expel the Nizam Shahi general and instal a scion of Imad Shahi family.


On learning the news, Murtaza himself marched to Berar at the head of a large army, defeated and drove away the Khandesh army and marched to Burhanpur. The Faruqi ruler had to seek peace.

Flushed with victory, he turned his attention to Bidar, defeated the Imad Shahi prince Firuz but it did not improve his position. The internal conflicts between the two rival groups of New Comers and Deccanis were further intensified and efforts were made to get rid of his close associate and general Changiz Khan.

Murtaza was confronted with another serious problem. Murtaza had given shelter to Muzaffar Husain Mirza, a fugitive from the Mughal Court. The Mughals demanded his return. In utter despair the Mirza fled to Berar and thence to Burhanpur where he was captured by Miran Muhammad Shah Faruqi who handed him over to the Mughals.

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