Mineral is a naturally occurring homogeneous substance with a definite (sometimes variable within certain limits) chemical composition and is commonly characterised by the presence of a typical internal atomic structure with or without the development of external crystalline form. These are usually formed by the inorganic natural processes.

For example, quartz, the common mineral of the crust, is generally formed by consolidation of magma and has a fixed chemical composition (Silo,). It is characterized by its own internal atomic structure, which is expressed by development of hexagonal / trigonal crystalline form.

Thus, it is a mineral. For similar reasons, corundum, haematite, magnetite, chromite, bauxite, graphite, calcite, magnesite, orthoclase, microcline, plagioclase, biotite, muscovite, olivine, topaz, talc, granet, beryl, hornblende, augite, sillimanite, kyanite pyrite, chalcoprite, gypsum, apatite, fluorite etc. are all minerals.