Brief notes on Monsoon Type Savannah Climatic Region


This area extends from the eastern Gujarat to M.P, southern Bihar, southern W Bengal, Orissa, eastern A.P and eastern T.N. Another area extends from the eastern Gujarat down south into a narrow belt through Maharashtra and Karnataka east of the Western Ghats.

The temperature in winter is above 20°C. Climate is almost dry being away from the area of Western Disturbances. Some rainfall in T.N. is due to the north-east winds which pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal.

The temperature is high in summer prior to on blowing of S.W Monsoons. May is the hottest month in which the temperature may rise to 48°C but the temperature in the south gets lowered because of the earlier start of rains and its proximity to sea. This type of variation is found along the coast in A.P.


The rainfall varies from 75 to 120 cm. It is usually received during June-September. Winters remain dry except in Tamil Nadu where the north-east wind provides rainfall which is nearly 50% of the rainfall in the summers.

There are some thunderstorms in Karnataka which provide rain in summers and are known as Cherry blossoms. These are beneficial to the plantation of Coffee. Similar storms in Tamil Nadu are known as Mango Showers which promote the production of mango crop.

The tropical wet and dry deciduous forests grow in these areas. The vegetation towards the south is sparse and dry as compared to that of the wet north.

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