Brief notes on Annual Rainfall Distribution in India


India received an average annual rainfall of 85.31 cm. It ranges from 10.0 cm. in western most parts (Jaisalmer) of northwest Rajasthan to 2500.0 cm. in Cherrapunji. The spatial distribution of rainfall is collateral of the topography. The Western Ghats forms a watershed.

The Konkan and Malabar Coast receives 100-250 cm of rainfall while the rain shadow region on the leeward side experience sharp decreases over 50-57 cm. In the northern plains and central uplands, annual rainfall ranges from 100-150 cm. However, it decreases towards west, from 75cm near Ahmedabad and Delhi to 36 cm near Jodhpur and 15cm at Jaisalmer as mentioned earlier. Rainfall also decreases towards north in the Kashmir valley region. Tamil Nadu, which experiences returning monsoon, receives a rainfall of 75-100 cm.

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