Brief notes on Animals of Prey (India)


1. Lion is the first and foremost beast of prey. He is found in India and African countries. Gir forests in Saurashtra provide natural habitat to the animal. Efforts are being made to create favourable conditions in other parts of the country for the animal.

2. Tiger is another beast of prey. It is the most powerful species of our forests. Bengal tiger lives in Sunderbans of the tidal forests.

3. Leopards are another category of animals of prey, belonging to the cat family. Leopards are of several types. They are leopards, clouded leopards and snow leopards. Snow leopards occupy upper reaches of the Himalayas as their natural habitat.


Besides snow leopards, the Himalayan ranges abound in various species of wild animals.


Nature has bestowed India with various beautiful and colourful birds. They include pheasants, geese, ducl$y mynahs, parakeets, pigeons, cranes, hornbills and sunbirds. These birds’ belong to the forests and the wet lands of the country.

Several species of animals and birds have been declared endangered in the country as their number has been constantly dwindling. The endangered species include tigers, lions, rhinoceros, Indian bustard, black buck, chinkara.

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