Brief note on the types of agriculture


(a) Subsistence agriculture

(i) It is the cultivation of crops for local consump­tion on small farms,

(ii) They use primitive tools and implements,


(iii) Old seeds are used,

(iv) Food crops are cultivated,

(v) The produce is less,

(vi) It is practiced in densely populated countries like India, China.


(b) Commercial agriculture

(i) Cultivation of seasonal cash crops for the market to obtain cash,

(ii) Farms are larger than in subsistence farming,

(iii) Crops like cotton, sugarcane, jute are cultivated.


(c) Plantation

(i) Scientific and systematic cultivation of a single crop on a large scale resembling factory line production,

(ii) Farms are very large,

(iii) Perennial/tree crops are cultivated,


(iv) Yield from the field is ob­tained after 5 to 6 years,

(v) They arc export oriented crops like tea, coffee and rubber.

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