The term nationality is derived from the Latin word ‘natus’ which means ‘born’. Some define it as a group of people belonging to a common facial origin. Nationality is in fact a spiritual sentiment of unity attribute table to the following factors.

1. Racial unity:

It is not an important factor because nations have developed even without any racial unity.

2. Common language:


Common language brings about like Handedness and like mental attitude. It is therefore, helpful in bringing about unity among the people. But history shows that nations and nationalities can come into being without any linguistic unity.

3. Religious unity:

It is helpful but not indispensable.

4. Geographical unity:


It is very essential for the formation nations and nationalities. It is Nature’s attempt to design a separate entity of a certain country.

5. Common historical background:

Common history is a sour of great inspiration and binds people together.

6. Culture unity:


It is the strongest factor responsible for the development of national and nationality.

7. Distinction between Nation and Nationality:

The difference between the two is that of political independence. A nationality becomes a nation when it gets a stale of its own.

8. Nation and State:


State is a physical combination of population territory, government and sovereignty. The nation is the product c spiritual and psychological feelings.