What is the Definition of Framing the Objectives?


Definition of Framing the Objectives

Koontz & O’Donnell:

“Objective is a term commonly used to indicate the end point of a management programme, whether started in general or specific terms”.



“A managerial objective is a goal which prescribes definite scope, suggests direction to the efforts of manage”.

Peter Drucker:

“An objective, a goal, a target serves to determine what action to take today to obtain results tomorrow. It is based on anticipating the future. It requires action to mould the future. It always balances present means and future results in the immediate future and results in the more distant future”.


“Drucker has laid down the following eight areas which objectives of performances and results’ have to set: Market standing, ‘innovation, productivity, physical and financial resources, profitability, manager performance and development, worker performance and attitude, public responsibility.

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